Chrome cobalt

We cast our rings in an alloy called Chrome-Cobalt. Dental prosthesis are made of it because it is durable and comfortable enough to become an extension of your body, and so are our rings. Hypoallergenic, stainless and strong, our rings can be worn by anybody, in any circumstances and without special care: they are built to last.


Chrome-cobalt is also used to built aircraft jet engines. It is so strong that it will not bend out-of-round and it retains its shape permanently.

Shatter Proof

Our rings don’t need any special care and will never crack. Due to the fact that cobalt alloys are malleable, they are shatter proof.

Scratch ResistanT

This alloy is harder than stainless steel, therefore, harder to scratch than titanium, and all precious metals including platinum, gold and silver.


Its color is comparable to white gold and platinum. Since our rings are not plated with anything, which will eventually wear off, they will retain their white color forever.