Unusual Ways

As designers we aim to take existing processes and tear them apart in order to create something new. Life has proven to us that the common path doesn’t necessarily lead to the best outcomes. This is why we cherish the idea of using tools for other things than what they have been built for. Despite their mechanical conception, each Antiprocess design is deeply linked to our life experiences. Sharing these stories seemed essential to us as they are fully part of the final creation.

OUR Story

Antiprocess is founded by Thibaut Royer and Antoine Venco, two very different individuals who complement each other, drawing inspiration from their various meetings. Thibaut is a former dental prosthesist while Antoine works as a graphic designer. It comes as a surprise to many that the pair came to create a jewelry brand together. They have developed a lot by building this brand together, as well as learning to become both jewelry designers and entrepreneurs. Antiprocess is the result of many trials and fails that have finally led to great success.